Your Ultimate Guide to a Gel Manicure

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If you have always wanted beautifully manicured nails but are frustrated with the ones that last only a couple of days at best, then a gel manicure is the answer to your troubles. Gel manicures are all the rage, and they last longer, stay shiny and dry in seconds. Bluesky Gel polish has all the colours you crave. You may be thinking of how that could be, but thanks to this miracle quick-dry formula, the process is significantly faster and lasts four times longer. This means you’ll have weeks to flaunt your nails. Let’s dig a little deeper into the world of gel manicures.

What is a gel manicure?

It is a manicure that uses gel nail polish, which is made of acrylic monomers that bond together within seconds when placed under a UV light. This process is called curing; the gel turns into a hard chemical-resistant coating. A UV light is needed to dry Bluesky gel polish as it is entirely different from regular polish.


Making the Bluesky gel polish last longer is just as simple as leaving your nails under the UV light for a few seconds. Undercure gel polish doesn’t get firm enough, and making sure you spend a short extra time under the UV light will get you your money’s worth in terms of durability. If you have several events lined up, then this manicure is the perfect solution to looking great all the time.

Removal of gel polish

The removal of Bluesky gel polish requires some effort, but that’s nothing when considering the compliments and stares it brought your way. It is chemical resistant, so basic acetone doesn’t work on it. They must be soaked in acetone for several minutes to loosen the gel from the nail. The loosened gel can then be scraped off with a wood stick cuticle pusher. Remember to moisturise your nails after removing the Bluesky gel polish.

Harmless and pretty

Bluesky gel polish promises beauty and safety together. When done professionally, gel manicures are entirely safe. The trick is to remove it properly without picking at it, so it doesn’t damage your nails. Moreover, the chemicals used in gel polish are 100% harmless. They won’t cause any allergic reactions even as mild as itching.

Are gel manicures worth it?

If you want to spring for a day of self-indulgence and feel confident, then gel manicures are definitely worth the splurge. The Bluesky gel polish has every colour suited to your mood, and a great manicure with the perfect colour is all a woman needs to feel like the goddess she is! They are worth your time and attention since they guarantee beauty, care and some happiness too!

You can embellish Bluesky gel polish with some nail art, some rhinestones, and a trendy hue to boost that confidence streak sky high. It’s more than just a manicure, so invest wisely and enjoy every moment with your gorgeous and always fresh nails.

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