What to do before and after applying Bluesky gel polish

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With the advent of easy to use gel nail polish, doing an at-home manicure is becoming popular as it saves time and money. There’s no longer a need to make an appointment and wait at a salon for your turn. Applying Bluesky gel polish is just like regular nail polish but without the hassle. Gel polish is undoubtedly the best polish, but there are some tips that can make the whole process easier and bring about the best possible results.

For proper gel polish adhesion, it’s essential that the nail base be dehydrated and free from oil and debris. Below are some ways in which you can prep your nails before and after applying the gel polish.

Dry manicure

Before applying gel polish, do a dry manicure, i.e., don’t use water. Don’t soak your nails in water or any other product that may add moisture or oil. You may find that your fingers and nails look dry and dull during this process, but that’s fine because your gel polish will last longer and you can hydrate your hands after the application is complete.

Cuticle care

The cuticles need to be pushed back and removed so that the Bluesky gel polish can adhere effectively to the nail. Use a moisturiser to soften the cuticles and push them off the nail plate. The extra skin, if any, can be cut off but very carefully.


After you have taken care of the cuticles, buff the nail plate with a buffer, which will help loosen any dead skin and remove the shine.

Cleansing and priming

Use a lint-free wipe to cleanse your nails of any extra debris. After cleansing, it is optional to use a bonder or primer. These help dehydrate the nail plate further and can be used if you have issues with chipping. Allow the cleanser and primer to air dry before proceeding with the gel polish application.

Shake the gel polish

The unique formula of the gel polish needs to be shaken before each use. You will have an easier time applying it and will make for an even application. Use short strokes when especially around the cuticles and edges of your nails.

Use thin layers

Bluesky gel polish has a different consistency than regular polishes and doesn’t need a lot of product on the brush. Too much polish will pool and get thick around the cuticles and edges, but this won’t be a problem if you apply thin layers. Always remember to cap the edge of the nail with polish so that it doesn’t lift and gives you a long-lasting beautiful manicure. You should cap the edge on every coat but especially critical to do it for the base and topcoat.

Curing the gel polish

Gel polish gets hard when you cure it in a UV or LED lamp. Make sure to remove all the access nail polish from around the nails before you cure it, as it will be difficult to remove otherwise. Cover the nails with a top coat so that the colour looks glossy and doesn’t rub off throughout regular wear and tear.


Apply cuticle oil on your cuticles to save your fingers and nails from any damage. As long as you hydrate properly, the gel polish manicure will prove to be a gift that keeps on giving.

Laced with the above tips, you can get the most out of your gel polish manicure and enjoy healthy, gorgeous nails without the worry of damage or chipping. Gel polishes are a godsend for women, especially when it comes to occasions that entail several days of merriment like weddings and vacations.

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