Top 5 manicure tips for beginners

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Who wouldn’t like salon-quality nails without the hassle of making an appointment and waiting for your turn when you can get the exact results all alone yourself at home? It would be exciting to have the perfect manicure within the comfort of our own homes. With these holistic guidelines, you can easily achieve the nail goals you desire.

Nail supplies needed for your gel manicure

A Bluesky starter kit will have all the accessories required to make this journey easy and get the best possible results. It will contain tools such as nail file, cuticle remover, buffer, led/UV lamp, wood sticks, gel base coat, gel top coat, and gel nail polish.

  1. Prep your nails

The preparation of nails for application is crucial to get the desired long-lasting results of a gel manicure. Make sure you complete these steps before application:

  • Clean your nails using a lint-free wipe soaked with 91% alcohol.
  • Push back your cuticles and cut them off if required
  • Apply lotion to your cuticles so that you don’t get any gel polish on them.
  • Buff your nails with a buffer to remove the shine.


  1. Basecoat

Apply two thin layers of base coat and be very precise. The base coat ensures that your manicure will last longer and also acts as a barrier between your nail and the Bluesky gel polish in white. The base coat provides an excellent foundation for the polish by enhancing the adhesion of the gel polish so it won’t peel off after a few days. After applying the base coat, cure it under the UV lamp for 30 seconds.

  1. Use short strokes and thin layers

Short strokes are easier to control, and it will help in getting even lines around the edge of your nails. The first coat is most crucial; after that, it’s smooth sailing. The gel polish has a different consistency than regular polish and does not need too much product on the brush. Getting too much polish on the nail will cause it to pool and get thick around the cuticles and edges. But with thin layers, that problem can be curtailed altogether. Keep in mind that 3-4 thin coats are better than two thick ones.

  1. Cap the edges

Capping the edges means to paint the ends of nails after you have painted the central part. The capping of the tip prevents the gel polish from lifting, which means you will have beautiful Bluesky nails compared to none when it comes to durability. Capping protects against chipping, and it is better to do it on every layer for the so that manicure lasts as long as possible. Remove any excess polish before curing it under the UV lamp so that it doesn’t harden. Gel polish is easy to remove but before curing.

  1. Removal

It is tempting to pick at your gel manicure to get it off, but please don’t! You can cause irreparable damage to your nails by picking off the gel polish, which means goodbye to strong, healthy nails. Make sure you follow the proper steps to remove the gel polish instead:

  • Buff the nails to remove the shine.
  • Wrap your nails in acetone dipped cotton balls for at least 10 minutes.
  • The gel should peel away after this process.
  • File and buff the nails till all the gel polish is removed.

These tips will set you on the path to gorgeous manicured nails that will have everyone gushing. Don’t let gel polish intimidate you, just follow the tips as mentioned earlier and you won’t ever have to worry about visiting a salon ever.

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