Quick Tips On Using Gel Polish

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Gel polish is the latest craze and one to try out, but if you are a novice, then you may encounter some problems which might make you think that this isn’t for you. Gel polish application and removal are tricky things. However, let me assure you of a process that can be mastered quickly. It becomes easier when using high-quality products, and when starting, a simple colour like bluesky gel polish in white is undoubtedly recommended. Let’s lace you with some tips and tricks that will help you in any mishaps you may encounter.

Clean nails

To get the perfect bluesky nails, your nails must be clean and dry so that the gel polish adheres smoothly. Use a lint-free wipe after buffing your nails and cleanse them with 91% alcohol to rid of any extra debris.

Shake the gel polish

The unique formula of a gel polish makes it necessary to shake it thoroughly before each use. After you shake your bluesky gel polish in white, you will have a more natural and even application.

Apply lotion on cuticles

Use a moisturiser on your cuticles before starting your application process. This way, if you accidentally get some gel on your cuticles, it can be easily wiped off.

Use short strokes

When painting your nails with bluesky gel polish in white, use short strokes, especially around the edges and cuticles. Short strokes are easier to control and make for levelled and even lined around the corner.

Use one coat

Gel polish has a different consistency than standard nail polish. Just one layer of bluesky gel polish is enough to get beautiful bluesky nails. Using too much gel polish will ruin your nails making them thick around your cuticles and edges.

Cap the edge

Make sure to cap the tip when using gel polish, which means to paint the end of the nail after you have painted the central part. Capping the edge prevents the gel polish from coming off, which is the secret behind the longevity of bluesky nails.

Remove extra gel polish before curing

Gel polish doesn’t dry like your typical nail polishes and needs a UV lamp for it to dry. The process is called curing; it gets hard when you place your nails under a UV lamp. So if there’s some extra on your cuticles or edges, it will be close to impossible to take it off.



Hydration is essential when taking care of your nails. If you damage your nails during improper removal of bluesky gel polish, then you probably have dry and brittle nails. Gel polish will not harm your nails as long as you remove it properly and hydrate using oils and scrubs.

Bluesky nails will earn you appreciative looks and keep your hands look manicured for weeks. The proper care is worth it because it gets you more than your desired results. Happy flaunting!

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