Divine Remover Kit 2


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Divine Remover Kit 2 Gellux Acetone,Oil, Tool, Foils, Buffer, Gel Remover Kit
Get yourself all you need to remove your gel polish in 1 easy kit.
1x 250ml Gellux Remover solution
1x Buffer Block (colour may vary)
1x Remover tool
1x Cuticle oil pen (scent may vary)
100x Remover foils
Removal process –
1.Buff down the top layer of your nails with the buffer block
2. Grab a foil and pour a small amount of Gellux Remover on the pad.
3.Place the foil pad over your nail and ensure the pad completely covers the fingernail.
4.Wrap the foil around the finger tightly so that the pad is firmly covering and touching the fingernail.
5.Leave it in place for approx 10 minutes.
6.Slowly remove the foil from the finger.
7.Check to see if the gel or acrylic product is coming off the nail. If so, remove the foil and pad from the nail.
8. Use the removal tool to scrape off the remaining product.
9. Apply cuticle oils to cuticles

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