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Divine Fine Pigments are professional use cosmetic grade pigments that can achieve much better results than the cheaper alternatives online. Understand this is a pigment and not a glitter.
The numbers on the image are translated as follows – 
1. Pigment applied over a cured no wipe top coat over a black gel polish.
2. Dabbed over tacky layer of cured black gel polish.
3. Applied over cured no wipe top coat but using a different colour gel polish (pumpkin spice).
These suggestions are only for examples of what can be achieved and you can mix it up by using any base colour to create a whole new look!
Application method – 
  1. Prep nails as you normally would
  2. Apply base coat and cure
  3. Apply a thin layer of your colour choice and cure (2 mins UV/1 min LED)
  4. Repeat step 3
  5. Top coat using a NO WIPE TOP COAT ONLY and cure
  6. Using an eyeshadow applicator brush provided, or your finger, gently pat a small reasonable amount of Pigment onto the nail.
  7. Using your eyeshadow applicator brush or your finger, rub the pigment over the nail until its ‘Squeeky’
  8. If you need to apply more pigment, now is the time to do so
  9. Now you can top coat making sure you cap the free edge very well to prevent any chips
What you will receive – 
1x 0,5g pot of Pigment
1x Eye shadow application brush
Saying is ‘a little goes a long way’ and that is defiantly true in this case!
If you have applied the pigment, and its gone silver and dull, this means you have applied far too much. Some gel brands will need their NO WIPE TOP COATS cured for half the normal curing times due to the pigment not being able to stick
properly, sometimes you can get patches (THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO BLUESKY NO WIPE)
 You need to use the smallest reasonable amount for this pigment to show its true beauty. Again, our pigments looks stunning over many coloured bases, use it wisely!

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