Five nailcare tips from top beauty gurus

Nails are often overlooked as part of our beauty regime, and it is high time they get the attention they deserve. Nails reveal a lot about an individual’s personality and overall health; hence it’s only logical that a fabulous manicure goes a long way in making a good impression on people. It shows people that you care about yourself and invest in looking good and feeling confident. This sends out positive and inviting vibes attracting people to you.

Nail care is simple if followed consistently and will give you long-lasting results in the form of strong, healthy nails accompanied by beautiful hands. With the following tips, you can achieve your goals and with the fraction of time and money that you spend at the salon. These tips from the experts will increase your nails’ longevity and make your manicures last longer than ever.

Gel manicures

It’s unfortunate how some women cannot grow their nails longer than a millimetre, but luckily gel manicures exist. With gel manicures, you can get your desired lengths, shapes, and correctly applied gel polish that would last you at least a month. Gel manicures can be preserved by following some precautions, and you can freshen them up at home with a Bluesky gel polish starter kit. It comes with all the tools required for a gel manicure.

Strengthen your nails

The gel manicure may hide your brittle nail, but that’s not a long-term solution. Start using a strengthening nail base on days you don’t have a manicure. Nail strengtheners have hydrolysed keratin protein, which profoundly heals damaged nails and makes them resilient over time. In addition to that, follow Bluesky primer instructions and keep it on throughout without picking or peeling it. Stay away from harsh soaps and cleansers as they can weaken and irritate nails.

Clean nails: the secret to health

Just like your skin, your nail’s surface and nail beds should be clean before applying cuticle oils on them. To clean the nails means to dehydrate them, and that can be achieved with an alcohol swab. Protect your nails by wearing gloves while washing dishes and clothes and hydrate them after to stop them from becoming brittle. Having said all that, it is crucial that you be gentle with your nails as scrubbing them can expose you to an infection.

Apply polish correctly

Sometimes the gel polish is not appropriately applied; it tends to bubble and has lifted edges leading to chipping. This kind of chipping can cause long term damage to the nail beds. Apply thin layers of polish so that you can control it smoothly, and it makes even layers on the nails. The tools in a Bluesky gel polish starter kit can help you with the application by pushing back the cuticles and scraping off any extra nail polish before curing in a UV lamp.

Be patient

It’s annoying for gel polish to dry off, but that’s something that needs to be done in order to get the optimum results from your gel manicure. Keeping nails under a UV lamp for the required time is essential as it not only dries the polish but makes it firm to last longer on the nails.

We can all relate to this: good manicure is a quick confidence booster. Who doesn’t love healthy, strong, and beautiful nails? By following the tips mentioned above, you can make your manicures last longer and keep nails healthier while at it. This is no small feat compared to the roughage our hands go through. But have no fear, just trust yourself and be consistent.

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