Are you getting the right nail care?

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There’s a special kind of confidence in having strong, healthy nails, whether you have a love for a manicure or go polish-free. Healthy and beautiful nails are one of the understated sources of power that should not be ignored. It doesn’t matter if your nail care is a form of indulgence or routine maintenance; keeping nails in top shape is a worthy investment that will bring double the returns.

Getting the right nail care doesn’t have to be expensive and can be done mostly through lifestyle habits. It also means getting rid of some habits such as nail-biting, which render the whole practice futile. For healthy nail goals that can be attained by anyone, just follow the everyday do’s and don’ts of nail care, and you’ll have stronger nails in no time!


Moisturising is pretty popular in the skin department but is overlooked in nail care. Dry and brittle nails can be caused by many reasons, but mainly it’s a cry for hydration. Proper moisturising is the foundation of your nail care, so give your nails some extra love while applying lotion. There are many oils and serums available, especially for nails, but that’s really only half the battle. If you are a fan of Bluesky nail gel manicures, then you know that the secret to long-lasting nails is to keep them hydrated.


It is a common habit to push back or cut the cuticles, but they are not the enemy. Cuticles are a protective seal for the nails and can leave nails vulnerable and at risk of infection if they are compromised.

Avoid contact with water

Excessive contact with water can weaken the nail structure, just like wet hairs are more prone to breakage and require caution. A solution to this would be to wear gloves while washing dishes or clothes. Nails absorb 1000 times more water than the skin, and that is why it’s a bad idea to soak your nails in water before getting a manicure. Make sure to apply the bluesky primer before the gel polish so that it adheres to the nail bed effectively and avoid immediate contact with water after the manicure as well.

Be gentle

The best nail care is to be gentle with the nails at all times. Don’t use the pointy end of a nail file to dig under the nails for dirt as that weakens the nail, and you may develop a bacterial infection. Similarly, avoid using your nails as tools, no matter how convenient. When you do go for a gel manicure, proper removal is essential.

Be weather aware

Winters can be a rough time for skin, hair, and nails alike. The cold temperatures can cause nails to become extra brittle, and the extreme swings can cause additional damage. It’s ideal to wear gloves in winter and yes, hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate!

Rethink your nail tools

Nail files: opt for a glass or crystal nail file instead of the old emery boards as they can create microscopic tears in the nails.Nail polish remover: use a non-acetone remover that contains hydrating oils and ingredients.Nail brush: use a gentle brush to clean under the nails.

Be patient

Healthy habits put you on the path to faster nail growth, and that can be extremely satisfying for someone who bites nails or chips them while doing chores. Patience in applying the right nail care will pay off when you can finally have the gorgeous Bluesky nails with the gel polish colour of your choice.

By practising consistent nail care, you can have the beautiful hands and nails you always desired. Just keep true and have faith!

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