All you need to know about a nail primer

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A gel manicure is a worthy investment that is guaranteed to deliver what it promises. But that will only be possible with proper usage. If preparation is skipped, your nails can end up chipped after a few days. And, that would mean dealing with an altogether new problem. A product that is becoming popular when it comes to nail prep is a primer. A bluesky primer, when used correctly, can be the only thing standing between you and your desire for long-lasting beautiful nails.

What is a primer?

A primer is a liquid used to remove grease and debris from the nail surface before the application of nail gel polish. When a bluesky primer is applied, it makes sure that your topcoat adheres to your nail and prevents the build-up of air bubbles.

Types of primer

There are two types of primers: acid-based and acid-free. An acid-free primer is a double-sided tape that makes it easier for bluesky nail gel polish to adhere to the nail easily. An acid-based primer makes tiny holes in the nail surface so that the product seeps in and sticks to the nail surface. The continuous use of acid primer damages the nail plate by thinning it. On the other hand, an acid-free primer, such as the bluesky primer, makes temporary changes in the nail, which helps in getting the maximum performance from the product applied to it.

Who needs a primer?

It’s a good idea for everyone who has thought of applying bluesky nail gel polish, but it is a must for people struggling with nail chipping or loose adherence. It provides perfect bonding between the base and the topcoat. A gel primer should be used sparingly depending on the condition of the nail, as using too much would cause it to lose its sticking quality. A bluseky primer will not evaporate fully, and it’s fine to work on it while it’s still wet.

How to apply the primer?

The process is relatively simple and can be done at home by anyone. Start with pushing your cuticles back and gently buffing your nails to give them a subtle shine. Wipe the nails with a tint-free wipe and air dry for a couple of seconds. Apply the bluesky primer in an oval shape, making sure to keep away from the edges of the nail. Follow with the bluesky nail gel polish, then cap and cure. It is as easy as that!

Once you are laced with the proper information and tools, you can get the most out of your gel nail polish. It is a simple process but with a lot of nitty-gritty.  A bluesky primer followed by a bluesky nail gel of your favourite colour is all you need to make yourself feel beautiful and confident like the queen you are! It is worth all the effort, and with the added care, you can keep your nails healthy and safe for a long time. So keep flaunting those gorgeous nails!

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